How does electronic W9 capture work?

When your Curion earnings reach $500, you will be notified via Tremendous and receive a pop-up message prior to accessing your reward. This message will direct you to a W-9 capture process which will require that you input your information, including your social security number. A sample W-9 will be displayed on your screen with prompts to guide you through the information you will need to complete and submit the form. If you do not reach $500 in earnings from Curion in a calendar year, no action is required. A new electronic W-9 will be required by Curion each year that you reach $500 in earnings.

Remember: "Earnings" means any compensation you have earned from Curion including all gift cards (pre-paid Visa,, etc.).

Note: If earnings do not reach $600 in a given calendar year, you will NOT receive a 1099 for that year.

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