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Welcome to Curion – we want to ensure that you receive our email communications so that you never miss out on any important updates, offers, and invitations to participate in paid research opportunities.
If you feel like you’re not receiving new study invitations or email updates from Curion, that may be because you haven’t allow listed Curion as a trusted email with your email service provider.
Email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Apple Mail want to protect your inbox from unwanted emails such as phishing schemes, scams, and spam. Unfortunately, your email provider may not realize that you have subscribed or opted-in to receive email communications from legitimate organizations like Curion. In order to receive ALL important messages and survey invites from us, you’re going to want to white list the following two email addresses:
The first step is to check your spam to see if Curion emails have been filtered into your spam folder. Follow the steps below depending on your email provider. If you do not see your provider listed, a quick Google search should provide you with specific instructions.


  1. First, if you find email from us in your Gmail spam folder, select our email and click the Not Spam button
  2. Next, open an email that you have received from us
  3. Click on the little down-pointing-triangle-arrow next to Reply:
  4. Click Add Curion Insights to Contacts list

If either email has been marked as spam, tell Gmail the emails are not spam.

  1. In Gmail, navigate to the spam folder.
  2. Search for emails containing the domain @curioninsights.com
  3. Select all the emails shown.
  4. Click More and then Not spam.


  1. On the Tools menu, click Options
  2. On the Preferences tab, click Junk E-mail
  3. On the Safe Senders tab, click Add
  4. Add panelistrelations@curioninsights.com and consumermarketing@curioninsights.com where it says Add address
  5. Click OK


To allow list emails from Curion with Yahoo!, you will need to set up a filter after first taking the following steps:

  1. If you find that emails from panelistrelations@curioninsighs.com and consumermarketing@curioninsights.com are going to your Yahoo! bulk folder, open it and click Not Spam
  2. Be sure that the addresses are not in your Blocked Addresses list. If panelistrelations@curioninsights.com or consumermarketing@curioninsights.com is on your Blocked Addresses list, select one and click Remove Block
  3. Now to create the filter: Open your mail and click on Mail Options in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Select Filters (in the bottom left corner)
  5. On the Filters page, click Add
  6. Select the From header rule, and add contains and panelistrelations@curioninsights.com and consumermarketing@curioninsights.com, which tells the system to put email from these addresses in your inbox and not the bulk folder.
  7. Click the Choose Folder pull down menu and select Inbox
  8. Pick the Add Filter button

Apple Mail for OS X

  1. If you find that emails from panelistrelations@curioninsighs.com and consumermarketing@curioninsights.com are going to your junk folder, highlight or open the email and click Not Junk at the top of your screen
  2. Go to Mail > Preferences from your Mail menu
  3. Go to the Rules tab
  4. Select Add Rule
  5. Give this rule a name such as Curion Insights
  6. Create a rule that says: “If any of the following conditions are met: ‘From’ ‘Contains’” and then paste in our email addresses
  7. From the actions, select Move message to mailbox Inbox
  8. Click OK


To whitelist Curion with Hotmail you will need to add panelistrelations@curioninsights.com and consumermarketing@curioninsights.com to your Hotmail Safe List. Here’s how:

  1. First, if you find email from us in your Hotmail junk folder, open the email and click Not Junk
  2. Next, check to see if the email address is on your Blocked Senders list. If you find panelistrelations@curioninsights.com or consumermarketing@curioninsights.com on your Hotmail blocked senders list, select and click on the Remove button.
  3. Next, open your mailbox and click Options in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. At the top of the page, click on the Junk E-mail Protection link
  5. Next, click on Safe List, which is down near the bottom
  6. Copy and paste panelistrelations@curioninsights.com and consumermarketing@curioninsights.com where it says “Type an address or domain”
  7. Click the Add button


To add panelistrelations@curioninsights.com and consumermarketing@curioninsights.com to your AOL address book:

  1. Open an email from us and then click the This Is Not Spam button
  2. Click the Mail menu and select Address Book
  3. Wait for the Address Book window to pop up, then click the Add button
  4. Wait for the Address Card for New Contact window to load
  5. Paste panelistrelations@curioninsights.com into the Other E-Mail field
  6. Make our From address the Primary E-Mail address by checking the appropriate box
  7. Click Save
For any other technical issues or help logging into your Curion portal, please contact us.  
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