When can I expect my payment?

Normal processing time for in-facility studies is 2-3 business days from the end date of the study. Please note that the day you participate may not be the last day of the study as studies may be conducted across multiple markets. If you have questions regarding the end date of your study, please submit a request in our Consumer Support Center. 

HUT (Home Use Test) studies may require more time to process, typically 7-10 business days, so please be patient. We will work as quickly as possible to ensure timely payment.

*Note: Beauty Insights Panel payments typically are processed 2 weeks after the study end date. 

Payment email details:
Sender: rewards@reward.tremendous.com
Subject: Curion sent you (Incentive amount)!

The email will provide you with instructions on claiming your payment. Please make sure to check your spam folder if you haven’t received your payment, prior to contacting Curion.
If 3 business days have passed and you have not received your payment, please contact us so that we can investigate!
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