Why don't I qualify for a study?

There are many reasons why you might not have qualified for an upcoming study:

Although we try hard to match you with study opportunities that you are most likely to qualify for, sometimes we miss the mark! By completing profiling studies in your portal, you provide additional relevant information about your likes and dislikes to improve the odds of receiving invitations to studies you're better able to qualify for. Answers to your profiling studies are used ONLY to provide "best match" invitations. (Plus, you'll earn Curion Rewards Points each time you complete one!)

Sometimes, we reach the number of participants that we need quickly. Studies at Curion are first come/first serve, so answering the pre-screener as soon as you receive an invitation may boost your chances of qualifying. Remember, if you do qualify, but there are no sessions times available, we will place you on a waitlist and contact you if another consumer cannot participate.

Other times, you may think that we are looking for specific answers in order to qualify. At Curion, our clients are looking for all sorts of responses - as long as they are your honest opinions! Sometimes, they'd like users of a product, while for other surveys they might search for consumers who have never even tried a product (or even flat-out say they don't like it!) So answer all of your pre-qualifying surveys with your heart and with your opinions! With our extensive list of products to test, we're sure there are surveys for every type of opinion!

And finally, we don't expect that any of our consumers will qualify every time, however, please be patient!  Our average qualification rate is about 1 in 5 tries, and since we know your time and effort is valuable, we provide additional monthly opportunities to earn and win!

We value each of your opinions, and will continue to work hard to provide you with opportunities to let us know your thoughts and GET PAID!

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