How do I change my session time?

Up until the day of the study, you can change your session time online. Please keep in mind that when changing a session time you run the risk of not being able to participate in that study. To change your session time you can go directly to the Panelist login page.

1. Find “Your Upcoming Schedule” on your portal dashboard and then select the appointment you wish to reschedule by clicking the “J#” or “edit schedule”

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2. Next, click “I wish to change my current session by reviewing the available session and making a new choice.”

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3. You will be shown all remaining available session times. (Note: If there are no options OR the screen remains blank – there are no remaining session times available)
If you are able to pick a new session but unable to hit save, someone has already booked the session and there are no remaining seats available.
If either situation above occurs, you may select “I wish to wait and try again later” and hit continue to keep your current appointment.  Also feel free to try back, as availability does change.
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We understand that last minute emergencies come up. For any changes or cancellations for a study on the same day, please contact us as soon as possible or create a ticket at
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