How does my child get paid?

The parent/guardian of the child will receive an email from Tremendous to redeem their incentive. They can choose either a virtual pre-paid Visa gift card, physical pre-paid Visa gift card, or virtual pre-paid gift card.

Please note that the incentive will be made out to the parent/guardian due to the child being a minor. This is standard policy and cannot be changed. 

Normal processing time for in-facility studies is 2-3 business days from the end date of the study. *Please note that the day your child participated may not be the last day of the study as studies may be conducted across multiple markets. If you have questions regarding the end date of your child's study, please contact us

HUT (Home Use Test) studies may require more time to process, so please be patient.  And, because of high volume testing in November and December, payments may be delayed.  We will work as quickly as possible to ensure timely payment.

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